Monday, 25 July 2016

London Beer City Lunch

London beer City is not very far away and it is our turn this year to host an event with our good friends at BBNo and the Kernel brewery. Rather than the usual format we wanted to have a lunch this time and realised our own space is not big enough. BBNo kindly offered us the use of there brewhouse floor to host the event.
 As space is still limited in the brewery and this is our first event of this type, we will be keeping numbers low to ensure it is a comfortable afternoon for all involved so there will only be 30 tickets available.
 The food will be provided by the excellent Brewery kitchen and each course will have one beer suggested for it from each brewery, 3 beers (1/3 pint) per course. We hope this means you can discover which pairings work best for yourself this way.

£50 per person (plus fees)


79 Enid St, London SE16 3RA


Partizan cuvee lemon, 2014 on arrival


Montgomery cheddar custard, malted onion compote, fresh radish

Poached and smoked Llanwenog lamb shoulder, turnip Anna, cimme di rapa 

BBQ White peach, English raspberries, almond cremeaux, malt crumble 

The bar will be open after the lunch for both ticket holders and none ticket holders until 5pm.

Tickets are available from here

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