Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Rainbow Project 2016




It was disappointing for us that were unable to work with our assigned partners at Panhead Brewery in New Zealand, but issues with communication, arising we are told from there recent sale to the Lion group made the process of collaborating on this beer within the given timeframe not possible.

Due to scheduling conflicts and time constraints we were unable to brew the beer at the time we would have liked, but we feel confident that as well as tasting great for the launch, the Royal will age exceptionally well, building additional character and an enhanced flavour profile over time.

Partizan Brewing are proud to announce our beer brewed as part of this year's Rainbow Project. Violet was an exciting colour for us to work with and sparked lots of ideas and potential conceptual directions. Eventually, we found ourselves fixated firmly on the assignation of purple as the colour often associated with royalty in numerous cultures around the world. We looked at beers brewed to celebrate the Coronation year, and although this could have referred to a number, we settled on a barleywine - a big beer that would allow richness and complexity, with boozy notes that seemed appropriate for a celebratory drink!

We began to think of other references to royalty that might pair well with this and the subject of noble rot arose - the fungal growth that appears on the skins of wine grapes, thinning the skins and perforating them, allowing a raisin-like drying that increases sugar concentration, ultimately suited to producing a rich and complex wine such as Tokay or Sauternes. 

We chose to add concentrated Riesling juice to our fermentation, resulting in a nuanced sweetness and vinous character in the final beer. We were delighted with the results and trust that the finished article would be fit for the table of any king!

We hope you enjoy!

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  1. Was it a fresh grape juice you added to this (did it referment in bottle?) Cheers!